Rite Foods Limited in Meeting the 
Pan-African Taste Needs

Posted on September 7, 2023

The frontline role played by Rite Foods Limited, a leading food and beverage company in Nigeria, opens opportunities for African consumers to access quality products that meet their unique demands. With 6 major product lines – 13 Bigi variants of soft drink, the Bigi Table Water, the Fearless energy drink, the 5 flavoured Sosa Fruit Drink, the Rite and Bigi Sausages, and Rite Foods – the company’s commitment to expanding consumer choice in terms of consumption remains commendable.

As explained by Mr, Seleem Adegunwa, MD, Rite Foods, what differentiates the brand is her devotion to research and her infusion of ultramodern facilities and AI technologies in delivering the best products. He also added that the goal is not to lead the Nigerian market alone but to match up with global best practices as the Nigerian market aggressively drives a pan-African attraction for the brand.

The above was strategically expressed in the company’s new slogan “Proudly African” as this captures the management’s intent of expanding her market reach beyond Nigeria. Before now, the slogan had been “Truly World-Class and Proudly Nigerian”. Even with this new intent, the company still upholds her Nigerian heritage as the source of her global drive.

“This has been intentional to not just limit us to Nigeria, especially as the product is already expanding across the borders,” Adegunwa clarified.

For Rite Foods, there is always a need to dig deeper than trends.
The actual challenge is delivering world class products that seals her competitive position within the food and beverage industry, in Nigeria and beyond.

Mr. Adegunwa again noted that there were ample challenges in the industry still, the Rite Foods products are topliners in their niche space which include: the cola, apple, and tropical products. He added that the availability of variety within these niche spaces is the reason the brand “look bolder and bigger on the shelf” as compared to their counterparts.    

Aside from Bigi products, the massive penetration of Sosa Fruit Drink again endorses the commitment of the brand to produce quality and accommodate innovative procedures in meeting the taste needs of the pan-African consumer market. “I think one of the things we are known for and the important thing that we must build on is that symbol of quality. Looking to the future, we are ready to ensure that anything concerning our logo is of a very high standard, and we are strongly committed to that cause to produce world-class products,” Adegunwa said.

Fearless energy drink has also redefined the Nigerian energy drink space and the futuristic move is to work around introducing new flavours with a touch of ingenuity.

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